Trauma to PTSD: Root Causes to Healing Branches

Universal Tree Health Clinic
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Trauma is real, real as yesterday and as much as we may try to deny it, it can have a significant impact on our lives. Together we’re traveling through this journey of life, and along the way we are exposed to varying types of stressors and trauma; some that affects us more than others, and some that we may not even realize how it influences our lives. This book is not meant to diagnose, but rather be used to bring awareness to the topic of trauma in each and all of our lives. In order to deal with a problem, first it must be identified.

The goal is that this book brings clarity to some roots of trauma, and provides a chance for individuals to use their trauma to help them grow, rather than restrict themselves. This book may give an opportunity for a deeper understanding of aspects of our lives that we may not realize have been affected by trauma. As a result, it can allow us to create our space for healing, assist in moving forward and experiencing empowerment and post trauma growth. Knowledge and an understanding of our trauma is the first step towards healing. This book is meant to help us move from just surviving to thriving, so we can add value not just to our lives, but those around us even more.


My goal is that we can reduce the stigmatization towards this topic of Mental Health, and PTSD. By sharing this information, I hope that it brings about a deeper understanding and allow for conversations about these topics to become more common at all levels of our society: the home, school, health care, religious, work place, and even the casual conversation among friends and family.  


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